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There are always around 30 horses at Thanasis Farm. We have smaller ones for younger riders, and all our horses are well trained, and safe to ride.

Thanasis Farm has a spacious and safe arena for riders and horses to enjoy together. This provides not only the usual track around its perimeter, but also mounds of soft sand to allow riders to practice climbing and descending... because if you go on a trail ride, is it all flat? These also create many different pathways, so you can always retain your horse's attention by varying your route.
In addition, we have a smaller circular arena, ideal for inexperienced riders to build their confidence, and ideal for schooling and training our horses. Thanasis Farm also provides covered stalls for many of its horses, as well as use of the surrounding fields for exercise and play.

Finally, we have a pleasant space for spectators to enjoy a coffee while watching their friends riding.